With global threat levels involving terrorism, extreme weather and civil wars rising, we have seen a dramatic shift in the corporate travel risk landscape over the past couple of years. Companies are now preparing for scenarios such as bomb threats in European hotels which not so long ago barely featured on the radar. Yet understanding the real risks and your travellers’ exposure to them can sometimes be confusing when the media has an impact on your travellers’ fear and anxiety, pushing the threat of terrorism as a traveller concern to the forefront of our minds.

The concept of duty of care as it relates to travel risk management is a widely used term and many organisations now have all encompassing travel risk management programmes to ensure the safety and well-being of their staff.

So what happens when your travellers start to tune-out of your policies?
Will the use of sharing economy providers start to break down the structures companies have in place to comply with duty of care?
How will the Millennial mindset impact on travel polices as Millennials start to take on more senior roles within organisations?
Is your TRM able to incorporate out of programme bookings?
When did you last audit your travel risk management programme?

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