Digital technology has had a significant impact on the maritime environment and with the growing trend for increased connectivity, automation and integrated technology, this is only set to continue. As ships make decisions based on the integrity of the data they receive, the potential for a cyber attack to wreak colossal damage in the maritime industry cannot be understated. As global think tanks seek to address the inevitability of more frequent and damaging cyber attacks on the maritime environment, the industry is lagging behind other economies in its preparedness to handle these dangers. Following industry recommendations, this one day international conference on Maritime Cyber Risk – Addressing the Real and Current Threats will look at practical steps which those operating in the maritime environment can put in place today to better protect ship and crew should a vessel, port or platform be the victim of an attack.

Who should attend
This conference will be relevant to all Maritime and IT managers including;
• Ship owners, directors and officers with security responsibilities
• Chief information and technology officers and IT personnel
• Senior executives in information technology and communications (ICT)
• Information management and operations executives
• Third party suppliers providing:
o Maritime data services o Navigation Systems and Equipment
o Marine power management systems o Security technology
o Ship/Shore communications and operations
o Private maritime and corporate security consultants
o Cyber security consultants o Risk consultants
o Insurance and legal

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For further information, please contact Caroline Fuller Tel +44 (0) 797 4406673

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