Alcohol and Drug Misuse in the Workplace


Holiday Inn Kensington Forum,

97 Cromwell Rd, London SW7 4DN


4th June 2014



PHONE : Tel + 44 (0) 871 942 9094

Alcohol misuse in and around the workplace is a sensitive and complex issue which many employers struggle to confront. While recent reports suggest that drinking cultures across both private and public sectors are stronger than ever with an increasingly high proportion of workers drinking above recommended guidelines, many companies feel ill equipped to address a problem where the roots are often embedded in the culture of their own organisation. On the one hand, alcohol misuse is a major factor behind absenteeism from work with previous surveys suggesting that over 14 million sick days occur in the UK alone from alcohol related issues and 60% of employers experience problems in the workplace related to drinking. This has a damaging effect on
productivity, morale and the health of the employee.

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