Duty of Care – Protecting Workers and Expats Overseas

Situational awareness will be at the very core of this year’s conference. The terrorism threat in Western Europe and geopolitical activities around the globe are impacting business travel by amplifying personal safety concerns among those travelling overseas.

Situational awareness is not only essential for recognising criminal behaviour or terrorist threats but it is also a key mindset which could drastically alter the outcome in the event of a fire, earthquake or other life threatening situation. It is the bedrock of personal safety and when adopted in a sustainable manner, can significantly improve the decisions your travellers might have to make in a complex and fast moving environment.

When you only have seconds to read a situation correctly and plan your course of action, the cost of  getting it wrong could make all the difference to your survival.

•  Are your travellers able to read a situation correctly?
•  What pre-event indicators could you  teach your travellers which might enable them to  anticipate a crisis and mitigate the risk?
•  Has too much emphasis been placed on  device related assistance which  could  leave your employees at a loss if their bag  or devices are stolen?
•  Scanning for suspicious people and exit options – what does suspicious look like?

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