Travel Safety Conference Protecting Travelling Workers and Expats Abroad

Duty of care, as it relates to travel safety and risk mitigation is now a widely used expression, embedded in the literature of a burgeoning travel security industry which has arisen from a dramatic shift in the corporate travel risk landscape. With global threat levels involving terrorism, extreme weather, civil wars and other geopolitical factors remaining high, your employees’ awareness and perception of risk has been heightened, as has their understanding of the safe work environment their employers are legally required to provide. Case law from around the world illustrates how employees are effectively demonstrating in court the travel safety negligence of their employers when they sue them following an incident.


When employees work across borders, duty of care involves risk management beyond the usual health and safety requirements of a familiar environment. As workforces become globally mobile, fulfilling duty of care can seem like a daunting task for employers which is made more challenging by the inconsistent levels of adoption around the globe.

How an organisation has prepared for and responded to an incident overseas affecting one or several of their employees, can ultimately mean the difference between life and death, not to mention the fallout from lawsuits, reputational loss and in some jurisdictions, criminal charges and prison sentences for directors.

By attending this conference, delegates will be able to hear some of the leading initiatives from corporates and NGOs on how they mitigate risks to their employees and then assess whether their own in-house travel and risk procedures are fit for purpuse and resonating with their workforce. Delegates will be able to ensure they adequately understand the legal implications and liabilities of managing overseas workers and that they are meeting their Duty of Care requirements. The conference will provide an excellent opportunity to network with peers, hear about some of the leading initiatives from companies who are doing it well, swap ideas and best practice and meet face to face the providers who are offering solutions in this area.

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15.25 Questions

15.30 Refreshments

Session Five – Handling Threats and Risk Mitigation

15.55 Natural Disasters and Evacuations – Learnings From Recent Case Studies

16.20 PANEL SESSION – Situational Awareness
– Are Companies Putting Sufficient Resources Into Educating Employees How To React Should They Be Caught Up In An Incident Overseas?
• What is situational awareness
• Developing situational awareness by colour zones – which zone are you at ?
• Educating employees on reaction measures vs educating employees on proactive measures
• Are companies putting sufficient resources to cope with overseas travellers arriving into their premises?

17.00 PANEL SESSION – Is The Threat Of Reputational Risk Sufficiently Hitting Home With C-Suites When It Relates To Travelling Employees?

17.35 Close Of Day One And Networking Drinks Reception

DAY TWO PROGRAMME (agenda subject to change) Thursday, 7th March, 2019

08.15 Refreshments
09.00 Welcome from the Chair

09.10 High Risk Employees In High Risk Locations
• Kidnap and the perception of risk
• Educating high risk employees on their personal level of vulnerability
• Building awareness of the risks without creating paranoia
• Recognising and responding to changes in their risk profile
• High-risk speciality insurance
• Hardening their security posture
• To self drive or not?


09.35 Case Study – How Do You Centrally Manage A Large Number Of Travellers Within A Corporation Operating In High Risk Locations?

10.00 Planning For An Evacuation – How Prepared Is Your Company?

• Accounting for people
• Disruption to normal decision making
• Communication during a crisis
• After Actions Review

10.25 Crisis Management Challenges in South Asia
• What are the multiple risks which business operations and travellers in South Asia are exposed to?
• Why do situations so easily turn into a crisis for the organisation?
• What validated crisis response and extraction plans should organisations have in place?
• Creating employee awareness – training, simulation and drills
• Thinking globally, planning locally – what support from local government and administrative authorities in South Asia might you expect and how could this vary from country to country?
• Case studies and best practices

10.50 Screening Third Parties – Do You Know Who You Are Working With?
• Expectations towards local providers
• Vetting local providers (transportation, guarding, advisors, incident response)
• Pitfalls in the use of local providers with real life examples
• Recommendations for vetting and improving cooperation with local providers.

11.15 Questions
11.25 Refreshments

11.50 PANEL SESSION – What Should Companies Be Looking For When Choosing A Hotel?
• Hotel management structures – owned versus managed or franchised
• Brand vulnerability – Terrorist targeting – international hotel chains versus non branded hotels. Reality versus assumption
• Room cost versus duty of care
• What should you be checking for when your choices are limited
• Selecting a hotel partner does not devolve your duty of care to the hotel company


Session Eight – Health


12.15 Pandemics: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (what you need to know before and when you travel)
•  What you need to do and what you need to consider BEFORE you travel (Preparation)
•  How to stay safe(r) when traveling in affected areas (Prevention)
•  What to expect and what you should do if you get caught up in an outbreak (Response)

12.35 Case Study – Understanding The Repatriation Process For Sick and Deceased Employees
• Case study of a fatality in Myanmar
• How we supported the family
• Repatriation and the difficult decisions this creates
• Case study of a heart attack in Vietnam
• The impact of no insurance.

13.00 Questions
13.10 Lunch


14.00 Mental Health Issues For Travellers And Expats
• Are companies under estimating the impact of long-term overseas assignments on their expats mental health?
• Should companies be offering a coping mechanism ahead of postings?
• To what extent can employee assistance programmes and a virtual counselling services help?


14.25  Why Big Data Will Soon Be Disrupting The Healthcare Chain
• Challenges of accessing accurate and granular healthcare information.
• To what extent is the model used by health insurance providers to assess medical facilities outdated and what does this mean for the insured?


14.50 PANEL SESSION- Understanding The Response Process Used By Medical Assistance Providers In General And Remote Travel
• Regions without basic emergency services
• Case studies
• Occupational health risks in developed versus undeveloped countries
• How must the traditional assistance industry evolve to meet changing travel patterns and risks?
• Travel health risk management – issues around risk ownership with multiple stakeholders


15.20 PANEL SESSION – Duty Of Care Owed To Family Members
• What resources should companies make available to the family of an employee in the event of a serious incident abroad?
• Crisis communication, social media and the fast pace of online news-how should companies be guiding family members of an employee involved in a serious incident?
• The challenges faced by trailing spouses and children – what level of support should organisations be offering?
• Is your assignee’s family life sufficiently robust to weather the transition?
• The impact of effective organizational support on spouse adjustment
• Transition coaching for high risk locations

15.45 Closing Remarks by the Chair
15.55 Refreshments and Close of Conference

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Dr. Philippe Guibert, MD, Regional Medical Director, Health Consulting, Asia, International SOS

Dr Philippe Guibert is a specialist in international Public Health. He is the regional Medical Director, Health Consulting, Asia at International SOS.

Based in Singapore since 2010, he leads the regional health consulting team which provides strategic health advisory services and designs corporate, occupational and community health solutions to organisations that meets their Duty of Care obligations and address their Sustainability priorities across Asia.

He joined International SOS in 1998 in Paris as the deputy Medical Director, Medical Services, and was involved in the medical engineering of client remote operations in Africa, the development of projects’ health plans and of Public Health programs.

He then took the position of Medical Director, Health programs in 2003, to develop Healthcare Management services in France for large multinationals. Additionally, he developed health crisis preparedness and response activities, and specifically pandemic flu preparedness advisory services which he delivered for many global organisations in Europe and in Asia.

Philippe Guibert graduated as a medical doctor from the Pierre & Marie Curie University in Paris, France, and holds a Master of Public Health from this University. A regular speaker at events, conferences and media, he supports the promotion

Sanjay Sharma, Regional Associate Director, Security & Fraud Risk, APAC, Merck, Sharp & Dohme Corp Singapore

Sanjay is an executive leader with a distinguished, 22 -years’ experience managing Security and Fraud Risk function on a country and regional scale for such industry-leading companies as HSBC Bank, Deutsche Bank, and DHL Express, including over 11 years of law enforcement experience with Central Bureau of Investigation, a premier federal investigation agency of The Government of India.

He is currently the Regional Security Manager & Associate Director for Asia Pacific for Merck, Sharp & Dohme Corp (Merck Corp) where he is responsible for investigations, security, business resiliency, supply chain initiatives and IP rights protection.

His expertise include security management, fraud investigations, audits & assessments, project management, risk management, relationship management, executive leadership, fraud prevention and detection, team management.

Chew Lip-Heng, Head Operations Control, Singapore Red Cross

“Chew” has been part of the advance team in Meulaboh in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Bohol Earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan. Appointed as the first auxiliary staff of SRC, he is Head Operations Control, providing staff support in operations, both in Singapore and overseas.

Chew has a MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management and is a fellow of the International Institute of Global Resilience. He has previously presented on emergency management to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and at the International Association for Conflict Management conference.

James Grimshaw, Vice President, Commercial Services, GardaWorld International Protective Services

James Grimshaw is Vice President, Commercial Services for GardaWorld International Protective Services.

He joined GardaWorld in 2004 as operations manager for Vance’s Kurdistan business, before taking on a commercial role to support the growth of the Kurdistan business and to develop new markets. James then went on to develop and significantly grow our operations in Basra. Given his extensive experience of operating in high risk and emerging markets in his current role James is a valuable link between the corporate functions of commercial support and operations. Before joining GardaWorld, James served as Deputy Director of a UK based not for profit organization, managing a number of projects related to post conflict reconstruction. He also managed internal security training for a leading Middle Eastern nation and was commissioned into the British Army in December 1995. James holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Nottingham Business School, where he graduated with honors.

Tony Ridley, Chief Executive Officer, Intelligent Travel

Tony Ridley is an international, executive security professional who eats, breathes and sleeps travel safety & counter-terrorism. Prior to Intelligent Travel, Tony was the Asia Pacific Security Director for International SOS, the world’s largest emergency assistance provider, based out of Singapore, and Team Leader Protective Security and Travel Security at Control Risks, which included a long term deployment in Iraq at the height of terrorist violence in 2003-2004. Before that, Tony started his commercial
career as the General Manager of a 3,500 man security company in Indonesia.

In his roles with Intelligent Travel, International SOS and Control Risks, Tony directly managed the response for Fortune 500 companies to terrorist attacks such as the Bali Bombings (2001 & 2004), Mumbai Terror attacks (2008), Sydney Hostage Crisis (2014), Paris Terror attacks (2015) and London Terror Attacks (2005, 2016 and 2017), just to name a few. Besides these high profile events, he he individually managed tens of thousands of individual cases whereby business travellers needed travel safety support.

Prior to his commercial career, Tony spent 13 years in the Australian Military, primarily within the Special Forces (SAS) as counter terrorist specialist and certified trainer. During his time with the military, he conducted operational and security related tasks in Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Rwanda, East Timor, USA, Malaysia, Cambodia, New Zealand with/for other government security agencies.

Hailing from Australia, Tony is a certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist, accredited by the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB) and speaks several additional languages including Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, and Tetum (East Timor).

Tony has written several books and publications about security management, terrorism and travel safety. He is frequently invited as speaker and subject matter expert at industry conferences. Recent speaking engagements included the World Tourist Safety Conference (Las Vegas, USA), the 2017 Melbourne Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit (Melbourne, Australia), APEC conference on Tourism and impact of terrorism (Bali, Indonesia), ITIC APAC conference in June 2018, Public Venue Security & Counter Terrorism Summit APAC in July in Kuala Lumpur and the Asia Risk & Resilience Conference (ARRC) in Singapore in August 2018.

Read more about Tony’s work on his travel safety blog ( ) or his Linkedin Profile ( ).

Leon Verghese, Assistant Vice President, Global Travel Security Program

Leon Verghese has 10 years of experience working in the travel risk management industry. Currently an Assistant Vice President for a Global Travel Security Program, he provides crisis management support to travelers in medical and security situations, while coordinating applicable ground security measures. Before taking this role, he worked for International SOS, the world’s leading medical and travel security Assistance Company in a crisis management capacity. Before moving to Singapore, He worked at Auckland International Airport in New Zealand as a crisis management professional.

Joann P. Hizon, Vice President – HR, Admin & Facilities, SM Investments Corporation

Joann has over 20 years leadership experience in HR, Training, Operations, and Facilities culled from the telecommunications, BPO, semiconductors, IT, pharmaceutical, property and the mining industries. She is a sought-after resource speaker on career counseling, succession planning, workforce planning, workplace diversity, and organizational transformation. Her articles and/or interviews have appeared on the Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal and Cosmopolitan magazines, on the Philippine Daily Star, Manila Bulletin and Business World newspapers, on Studio 23 TV, and on Bloomberg. She’s been a member of the judging committee for The Stevie Awards from 2014 till the present. Under her watch, SM Investments has won various Best Employer awards, and recently, won the Forbes Global 2000 World’s Best Employers in 2017 and 2018, placing at #158 out of 2,000 companies worldwide.

Jason Teo, Global Head of Corporate Security, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

Jason Teo is the Global Head of Corporate Security and also Regional Head of Business Continuity Department for Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. He joined Infineon Technologies AG (IFX) in 2001. Currently, Jason has global responsibility for corporate security worldwide and in Asia regions, covering Greater China and Japan regions. Jason is responsible for all matters regarding regional risk assessment, business continuity planning, disaster preparedness, disaster recovery, fraud management, supply chain security, crisis management, investigations, brand protection, export controls, environmental health and safety. Jason is also certified as a Business Continuity Certified Expert (BCCE) by BCM Institute.

Jason is also active in private-public collaborations with various associations and authorities in the Asia Pacific region, including China Quality Brand Protection Committee, Business Continuity Management Institute, European Union Chamber of Commerce (EUCCC), and Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), under the World Semiconductor Council (WSC).

Prior to joining Infineon Technologies, Jason worked for the Singapore Police Force from 1994- 2001, last holding the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police. During his service with the Singapore Police Force, he was responsible for various security programs, including security planning for key installations, public governmental buildings, checkpoint security, VVIP protection, and general police investigations. In addition, Jason held critical command posts to oversee airport crisis management during the Silk Air and SQ airplane crashes in the 1990s and was responsible for police readiness against aircraft hijack threats and other national emergency scenarios.

Aditya Luthra, Security Director – Security Solutions, Asia Pacific, International SOS and Control Risks

Aditya is the Security Director – Security Solutions for the Asia Pacific Region for International SOS and Control Risks. Based currently in Singapore, Aditya leads client engagements around Asia and Australasia, developing bespoke solutions in support of organisations and managing their travel risk mitigation strategies, policies and procedures.

Prior to taking up his most recent role, Aditya was the Regional Security Information Manager, where he served as head of the security intelligence team in Asia Pacific responsible for planning and intelligence delivery. He was also responsible for building and managing strategic partnerships with government entities and local information providers (journalists, academics, and logistics and security organisations) to further enhance the quality of International SOS and Control Risks’ intelligence output.

Aditya has overseen the team’s development of actionable intelligence to incident management teams and clients on the ground during crises and emergencies, notably during the elections and ensuing violence in Papua New Guinea (2017), the Resorts World Manila attack (2017), the Islamic State-inspired attacks in Dhaka and Jakarta (2016), in the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal (2015) and Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines (2013) and during the political turmoil in Bangladesh and Thailand (2013-14).

Prior to moving to Singapore, Aditya was based in the International SOS and Control Risks office in New Delhi for three years as a security risk analyst, where he oversaw the day-to-day development and delivery of all-source intelligence briefs, security-related assessments and advice to clients operating in the Asia Pacific region.

Before joining International SOS and Control Risks in 2012, Aditya was a Washington-DC based, Political & Media Analyst with the SOS International Ltd . As part of the branch dedicated to the U.S. Pacific Command, his work focused primarily on developments in India, but also included extensive analysis of issues facing the wider Asia Pacific Region. Aditya also spent time at United States Department of Commerce, Commercial Law Development Program, which allowed him to spend time in Pakistan.

Aditya has a Juris Doctorate from The George Washington University Law School, where his research focused on militancy in Pakistan’s tribal belt. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of California, Irvine.

Dr Low Kiang Wei, Senior Medical Advisor Asia, International SOS

Dr Low leads the team in case management across the Assistance Platform and assists with Medical Services Delivery, including supply chain and staffing. He has a special interest in Managed Care and Telehealth Modalities to improve access to appropriate care.

Dr Low obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the National University of Singapore in 2008, followed by a Master of Medicine (Internal Medicine) in 2013. In the same year, he was also admitted as a Member of the Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom. Prior to joining International SOS, he had been accepted into the prestigious Cardiology Sub-Specialty Program in the Largest Tertiary Cardiac Institution in Singapore.

Sanjeev Gathani, Group Compliance Officer, RVK Meditech Co, Ltd

Sanjeev is currently the Group Compliance Officer for RVK Meditech Co, Ltd. The employer has operations in India, Vietnam and Myanmar and is expanding in the ASEAN Region in the coming years. Sanjeev is responsible for ensuring compliance to Group and Government policies as well as conducting the risk assessment with the Group. The risk assessment includes identifying risks and ensuring that the appropriate course of action is taken, including briefing management so that they can make informed decisions.

Sanjeev Gathani is a Governance, Risk and Compliance Professional with more than 20 years of experience in the Asia Pacific Region, helping entities in both public and private entities.

Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer and Principal Trainer of Better Business Governance – APAC Pte Ltd (BBG), a boutique advisory and training firm. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner, License Private Investigator (Singapore), Expert Court Witness and Certified Privacy Professional.

In 2018, Sanjaeev was appointed by RHT Academy as Programme Advisor – G.R.A.C.E Series. Additionally, he was also awarded the credential of Full Member Corporate Governance Practitioner (MGP) by The Association of Corporate Governance Practitioner, United Kingdom.

Brian Cheah, Head of Commercial, International SOS

As the Head of Commercial for International SOS in Singapore since 2015, Brian is responsible for managing and developing medical and travel security solutions for organisations, as well as ensuring the optimal experience for all clients.

Brian’s remit spans across all commercial industries within Singapore, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Maldives.  In addition, Brian is also the lead liaison to Singapore Ministries, Statutory Boards and Agencies, ensuring the smooth delivery of risk mitigation support.

Having worked in Asia Pacific region for more than 15 years, Brian is very well-versed in developing and managing businesses whilst navigating the cultural diversity of the region.  In addition, his past experience as a Police Officer / Major Crime Investigator with the Singapore Police Force also placed him in good stead to provide guidance and advice to our clients, jointly with the relevant Subject Matter Experts, so as to support them in managing the VUCA landscape.

Michael Wigent, Regional Operations Manager – Americas Global Protective Services Cisco Systems Inc.






Kishore Rames, Travel Manager Asia Pacific, National Oilwell Varco

Kishore currently works for National Oilwell Varco as Travel Manager for the Asia Pacific Region. Initially hired to consolidate the company’s travel program in the Asia Pacific region, he is now responsible for ten countries including China. Part of Kishore’s responsibilities is managing vendor relationships for all travel related matters. He has over 13 years of Travel Industry experience including over 8 years of working in the Corporate Travel Industry. He is has previously worked with Airlines and Travel Management Companies in operational and account servicing roles. Kishore is from Singapore.

Cole Sirucek, Co-founder & CEO, DocDoc

Cole Sirucek is an investor and entrepreneur with over 20years of experience founding, investing into and otherwise supporting entrepreneurial ventures.

Cole has founded a diverse range of businesses in his career. He is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of DocDoc, Asia’s leading patient empowerment company.  He is also a Managing Director of Founders Equity Partners, a direct secondary investment firm.

Previously, Cole co-founded Epic MMA Club, Asia’s largest mixed martial arts training center. He has also served as an Independent Member of the Board of Directors for Global Eagle Acquisition Corp, a US$190M, NASDAQ listed SPAC focused on the media and entertainment industry.

Cole spent seven years in the direct investment team ofTemasek Holdings. In this capacity, he sourced, executed and monitored investments on a global basis in the firm’s telecommunications, media and technology group. He has successfully invested over US$500M in private equity direct and secondary transactions.

Before Temasek, he was the Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Pluto Networks, a wireless data networking company. He has formerly held executive positions in Hawaii’s State Government and has worked as a technology venture capitalist and strategy business consultant.

Cole has received numerous recognitions to include, “Asia’s 100 greatest leaders,” “The 30 most inspiring entrepreneurs of Asia,” and “The 30 Best Entrepreneurs to Look For in 2018.”​

​​Cole attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management (Master of Business Administration) and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government (Master in Public Administration).

In his free time, Cole is a martial artist, adventure racer, scuba diver and mountaineer.  He has completed self-supported 250KM foot races across China’s Gobi Desert and Egypt’s Sahara Desert to fund medical missions in Asia.

Peter Morgan, Special Advisor to the Hong Kong Police Hostage Negotiation Unit

Peter Morgan spent over 33 years in law enforcement in key leadership, operational, strategic and training roles. He was very closely involved during the Hong Kong’s SARS overall Government response and developed and coordinated many of the protocols and SOPs for police assistance and involvement throughout the crisis.

He is a regular speaker and trainer at international conferences and specializes in crisis management and emergency response. He is currently a Special Advisor to the Hong Kong Police Hostage Negotiation Unit; an Honorary Advisor to the Hong Kong Police Training College; and an Honorary Fellow of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention, Hong Kong University. Mr. Morgan received the Police Distinguished Service Medal (P.D.S.M.) in 2015 and is also the author of “Critical Issues in Crisis Negotiations”, available on Amazon.

Danny Hodder, Regional Security Manager APAC, Caterpillar






Sadia Brennan MSc, CFIOSH, PSP, Regional HSE and Security Manager, Solar Turbines (A Caterpillar Company)

Based in Singapore, responsible for Safety, Security, & Risk Management across all Power Gen and Oil & Gas related business operations (on land and offshore) for Solar Turbines & Turbomach across Asia Pac North. .
Accountabilities include legislative compliance, ISO 45001 certification, input into the development of corporate EHSS programs, regional implementation of corporate EHSS programs, development and implementation of regional EHSS programs and associated training materials, incident Investigation, internal auditing, risk management and emergency response & business continuity across Asia Pacific North.
– CFIOSH: Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health UK
– PSP: ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security) Certified Physical Security Professional
– 6 Sigma Black Belt
– Grassroots tier 1 facilitator: Part of the team driving Grass Roots Safety Culture Change in the company

A British national, currently based in Singapore with Singapore Permanent Residency.

Founder member of the IOSH Singapore Branch.
IOSH – Currently serving as a co-opted member of the EXCO as the IOSH SG Compliance officer.
ASIS – Currently serving as the Singapore chapter’s internal auditor for 2018/19

Passions: Effective interactive training workshops, emergency response workshops, training and simulations, Process compliance, internal process implementation, control and audit, Change management Strengths: Highly effective in communicating and connecting in multicultural/multinational environments within all levels of an organization – from the chalk face to the C suite teams. Self driven with high initiative and energy levels.

Andy Goh, Security Manager, Head of Department @ Mandarin Orchard Singapore & the Mandarin Gallery

Always forward planning and pushing to stay one step ahead in security developments, Andy’s career in the security/defence industry started off 17 years ago with the military, rising through the ranks from a Private performing armed sentry, to a Master Sergeant leading and deploying soldiers into the battlefield. From storming buildings to deploying in the mountains and deserts, a decade of service as an Army combatant sees Andy instilled with leadership, mental fortitude, physical fitness and tactical awareness that continues to drive and serve him well in the private security sector.

In January 2012, Andy joined the Corporate Security team at Bank of America Merrill Lynch as a Senior Security Specialist where he was responsible for horizon scanning and risk anticipation as part of the crisis mitigation process within Asia Pacific, and then driving these information into actionable intelligence for regional stakeholders in a timely manner. Subsequently, Andy joined the upscale prestige mall Paragon as a Security Executive within the Facilities Division, taking charge of the safety and security section while also providing security advice to numerous luxury brands such as Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo, the Market Place, on matters of loss prevention.

Currently, Andy manages the security department for a 5-star, thousand-roomed hotel in Mandarin Orchard Singapore as well as the upscale retail mall Mandarin Gallery. His main role is to build up the organisation’s capacity in planning, managing, and dealing with security threats, emergencies, crisis, continuity and recovery.
Andy’s pursuance to keep abreast of security developments was realized in 2016; In March, 6 months before the nationwide launch of Singapore Police Force’s “Run, Hide, Tell’ SGsecure advisory, Andy had already put into motion a hotel-wide anti-terrorism workshop that was first planned for in 2015. SGsecure’s concept turned out to be similar to the hotel’s workshop; all materials and preparations were in view of a certain rising trend of terrorism related modus operandi.

In his dual role within the National Service Reserves, Andy was appointed as the Company Sergeant Major for a newly formed Intelligence unit and went on to perform and excel during subsequent reserve call ups that range from 2014 – 2024.

In July 2018, Andy was invited to a regional Counter Terrorism summit at the Sheraton Imperial, Kuala Lumpur, to share with other security professionals, homeland security officials his take on psychology and how it impacts security operations. He is also scheduled to present how psychology can impact hotel related anti-terrorism practices to security professional audiences in 2019’s inaugural Security Risk Management Exchange taking place in Singapore, and possible in Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

Sushil Pradhan, Director, MitKat Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd

Lieutenant Colonel Sushil Pradhan (retd) is the Director for Consultancy and Services at MitKat Advisory Services, a premium risk management consultancy that operates in South Asia and is based in India. During his 22 years of military experience, Sushil handled a variety of combat, instructional, staff and multi-national assignments. He was decorated for gallantry in Counter-Terrorist operations; and has served extensively in the Himalayan high-altitudes and in deserts. He has been a combat trainer in armored warfare and fighting vehicles. A former member of the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Sierra Leone, he is also a qualified trainer for international UN peacekeepers. As a senior consultant with MitKat, he has extensive expertise in evolving risk management strategies in difficult geographies specific to India, South Asia, Africa and distressed regions of West Asia. Sushil has successfully provided customized solutions to a variety of companies including Bloomberg, Bank of America, Boeing, Caterpillar, GE, Google, IKEA, Standard Chartered Bank, JP Morgan, Siemens, Monsanto, Unilever and Vodafone amongst others. Sushil is a regular contributor to professional Security and Armed Forces Journals; and speaker in several influential security forums such as OSAC & ASIS (Middle East). His Information Services business vertical currently creates the daily India Risk Tracker, accompanied by Weekly and Monthly Forecast, the Annual India Risk Review; in addition to other special event advisories and post-event analyses. As a crisis management/security consultant, Sushil offers a variety of risk assessment and management services to organizations; with the primary focus to de-risk business and optimize operational efficiency in high-risk environments.

Shaun Boulter, Head of Corporate Mobility Asia, AXA Partners






Jefferson Erick Alindogan Unit Head, Black Pearl Intelligence

Mr. Jefferson Erick Alindogan currently acts as the business unit head of Black Pearl Intelligence, the research and intelligence arm of Business Profiles Incorporated, a corporate security firm based in Makati City, Philippines.

As a business unit head, he have been one of the key advisors and analysts in terms of Corporate Risk Management, Travel Security, Area and Stakeholder Risk Profiling, Business Intelligence, Community Integration and Engagements of the firm.

He is a certified ISO 31000 Risk Manager and a security professional with a degree in Social Sciences, majored in Social Anthropology in the University of the Philippines and plans to finish his masters degree in Philippine Studies under the same university.

To date, he has been working with several clients in various industries such as extraction, energy, construction, outsourcing, trading, foreign aid, embassies and diplomatic offices in the Philippines; and presented security-related studies and trainings locally and abroad.